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Sridhar Vembu is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of privately held Zoho, a maker of cloud-based business software.

Sridhar Vembu was born on 1968, is an Indian billionaire business magnate and the founder and CEO of Zoho Corporation.

He has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Princeton and started his career at Qualcomm in 1994. It’s 375-acre campus in Austin, Texas is on the site of a former farm.

Partnership with Zoho

Vembu, who owns a majority stake in Zoho with his siblings, started the business as AdventNet along with two siblings and three friends. It has more than 55 apps and employs over 15,000 people.

CEO contact information

CEO Full Name Sridhar Vembu
Company name Zoho
CEO Email Address svembu@zohocorp.com or
Phone number N/A
Location Bletchley, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Zoho Executive team

  • Norm Frentz – VP Business Development
  • Bharath Sridhar – VP of R&D and Chief Technology Officer
  • Christopher Cott – Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark Thomas – Senior Vice President
  • Vijay Sundaram – Chief Strategy Officer
  • Ramprakash Ramamoorthy – Director of AI Research, Zoho Corp.
  • Bharathan Rajendiran – Manager, Zoho Concierge and Zoho Jumpstart
  • Karthikeyan Selvaraj – Senior Technical Consultant
  • Sandhiya Lakshmipathy – Product Manager
  • Kiran Kumar S – Strategy Architect, Zoho Concierge
  • Rajesh Ganesan – Director of Product Management
  • Prashanth VK – Head of Market Strategy
  • Saravanan Muthian – Chief Information Officer
Name Email
Christopher Hutchison – Co-Founder christopher_hutchison@zoho.com
Social media
LinkedIn N/A
Twitter @svembu
Instagram N/A
Facebook N/A
Website zoho.com
About Company

Zoho UK is a multinational technology company that makes computer software and web-based business tools It is best known for the online office suite offering Zoho Office Suite. They offers super smart software to help you grow your business, with your sales and marketing, support and collaboration, finance and recruiting needs.

Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu Net Worth

Ranked Vembu as the 55th richest person in India with a net worth of $3.75 billion. This figure reflects his stake in Zoho Corporation, along with his siblings who also hold shares.

He was awarded India’s fourth highest civilian award, the Padma Shri, in 2021.

Sridhar Vembu’s net worth can be between 3-7 billion USD. His annual pay may reportedly be around 1-5 million USD. He’s net worth lies around 4-10 billion USD.

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