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Novo Constare is the current chief executive office (CEO) and Co-Founder of Indeed Flex. He is also the General Manager & Vice President of Staffing Solutions at the organization.

Novo Constare co-founded Syft in 2015 in London. Four years later, in the summer of 2019, Syft was acquired by Indeed and rebranded as Indeed Flex.

Prior to launching Syft, he was working in financial markets as a Senior Arbitrage Trader at Chicago-based alternative investments Fund, Tradelink LLC. He’s graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Bristol University in Economics and Philosophy.

Education: Novo Constare graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Philosophy from Bristol University. Assuming a typical university duration of 3-4 years and average graduation age of around 22, he would have been born sometime in the early to mid 1970s.

CEO contact information

CEO Full Name Novo Constare
Company name Indeed Flex
CEO Email Address
Phone number N/A
Location UK London, EC1M 3HE, United Kingdom

Skechers Executive team

  • Angela Tang – Chief marketing officer
  • Leonie Heron – Channel Sales Manager
  • Amanda Bird – Director of Client Relations
  • Sarah Peck – Country Manager
  • Erica Sanchez – Senior Sales Operations Analyst
Social media
LinkedIn N/A
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About Company

Indeed Flex provide jobseekers with the fastest way to find temporary work that fits their lifestyles. They committed to empowering jobseekers with ownership, control and choice over where, when and how they work, joining the fast-growing community of high-quality Flexers realising a genuine work.

Indeed Flex CEO Novo Constare Net Worth

The current estimated net worth of Indeed Flex’s chief executive officer (CEO), Novo Constare, is estimated to be about $150M.

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